Business Systems 101 Sight ManagementBusiness Systems 101 Sight Management… basically, if you can’t see it, you can’t manage it effectively!  Therefore, systemization is KEY, in order for a successful business to grow rich and operate without management on-site.

The Thinking to Grow Rich book is a theory and philosophy of positive reasoning. Conversely, I believe a misconception about the book is, “REALITY can be altered just by THINKING.”

Be that as it may, operating a small business effectively and systematically requires not only much THINKING, but much DOING. That’s REALITY!

Managing an Unseen Object, Remotely

You may be thinking, “Remotely operating a robot that you can’t see is common!”

That’s fair reasoning, and EXACTLY what I want you to consider. In fact, think about the amount of systems that must be in-play to operate any complex machine remotely. You must first connect to the object via wires or wireless systems, etc. In addition, to operate the object without visual sight you must have intricately designed systems, and/or software.

In fact, for the object to operate effectively, control systems are KEY for every aspect of it!

Small Business Owners Operate On-site by Sight

Small Business owners being on-site, is what manages their day-to-day operations. Whereby, they interact, for the most part, directly with customers, vendors and employees by verbal communications; along with a few company forms and policies.

However, the issue we’re addressing here is, most small business management is loosy-goosy; playing “Russian Roulette” with the outcome. Because the owner/manager can’t see what to manage, all at one time, they can’t manage their small business effectively.

Specifically, there are NO systems to manage the people, when the owner is managing someone or something elsewhere. As a result, disaster can strike, God forbid, if the owner leaves the premises. To sum up: an owner operating remotely, in this case, is not a reality!

Owner Running Blind, Finds Eyes via Systems

Building seen-at-a-glance business systems enables management and employees to make good decisions, based on OBSERVABLE DATA. Most importantly, using data based on accurate information and gathered by a systematic method!

The purpose of systematization is to ensure employees can do their jobs, without the owner or management hovering to SEE what employees are doing. With systems accessible by employees, i.e. procedures, quality control checklist, and work in progress reports, etc., they can make their own decisions with less management input.

One Example of Simple Systems: A 65-inch Large Screen Monitor serving as a Digital Bulletin Boards / Scoreboards displaying all Jobs In-progress, and displaying a Companywide Calendar, allows everyone to see upcoming events; who is on vacation, etc.

Making decisions based on guesses and verbal communications is a main reason why small business owners and managers burn out, and chaos erupts. In contrast, imagine every frustration and blind spot in a small business being systemized, so that every facet of the company is managed without a manager.

Business Systems 101 SIGHT Management. Yes, with some DOING, you could operate your business, remotely, from a faraway Caribbean island!

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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