Island of IsolationMarooned on an “island of Isolation” is a lonely, desolate place where many small business owners strand themselves.

For over twenty years, we’ve had the honor of speaking to countless small business owners around the globe. Unfortunately, we are no longer surprised when owners tell us they are NOT affiliated with ANY small business group. Nor, do they attend any business conferences or seminars.

In fact, many don’t have a group of business owner friends in their industry to share experiences.

To be sure, sharing business struggles and wisdom with other business owners can save years of frustration. Moreover, having business friends will help to expand borders of opportunity.

Why Owners Choose an Island of Isolation

The reasons some owners opt to live on an island of Isolation is twofold. One is FEAR, and the other is PRIDE!

It’s not unusual for business professionals to have a fear of making business contacts. Like making cold calls, there is a fear of rejection.

Pride is another reason business owners dislike contacting other owners. In short, there is a competitive spirit among many owners from the same industry. However, we’ve found having business friends and acquaintances from our same industry is mostly positive.

We discovered that contacting every business owner in our area is a good marketing campaign. And, it helps to overcome fear and pride.

Keep in mind, business owners rarely turn down a phone call from another owner, especially from their industry. Trust me, WE KNOW!

You may be surprised how many business owners also feel isolated, and are glad to have a friend that truly understands their frustrations.

By starting relationships with other business owners, when problems arise, i.e. equipment breakdowns, supply shortages, etc., you find you have a friend willing to lend a hand. We learned this firsthand!

Embracing and Facing Facts

Michael Gerber, author of the business book, “The Emyth,” put forth a straightforward, in your face statement not many business owners can or will accept…

“YOU are the problem; YOU always will be the problem, until YOU change.”

In other words, leaving that island of Isolation means leaving fear and pride behind.

Tools of Wisdom for Stranded Islanders

We share freely our tools of wisdom, gathered from many years of implementing business systems; also by learning and teaching those systems via YouTube videos, articles, and direct counseling. These tools help small business owners, managers, students, and entrepreneurs gain knowledge in systemizing a business.

Most of all, we desire to help those struggling with personal issues to escape the island of Isolation.

Did I mention? Great systems work!  They build confidence!