business interruptionsBusiness interruptions eat up hours of the so-call “normal” working day for owners and managers in many companies.

I was facilitating a Webinar demo with my friend Joe, the owner of a printing company. who expressed real interest in our software.

Joe and I were going over a system I recommended, and he felt sure it would make life easier for him at work. This particular system gives each employee the power to do their job, without having to interrupt others.


Business interruptions can be a great time and money waster, which is a huge frustration for a company. However, there’s a remedy for that!

Same Old Questions, Same Old Issues

I shared a related story with Joe, that I had written in my book, System Busters.  It’s about owners or managers being constantly stopped by employees with the same old questions, about the same issues.

This story gives a typical scenario: “Hey Bob, did you get those supplies I asked you about last week?”  Or, “Hey Bob, can I have next Friday off—my uncle’s dog is having surgery and he needs my support.”  Or, “Hey Bob, you didn’t tell me Fred was going to be off today. We have this big job that needs to be out and I needed him here!” So it goes, day after day. Yikes!

Joe laughed and said, “Yeah, I call those Drive-by Shootings!”  My turn to laugh, I told Joe that was going to be my very next blog.

Avoiding Business Interruptions

I recommend to owners, who are constantly being interrupted, that they carry pad and pen when walking through their business. That way, they can write down any questions or requests from staff. Later, they can consider implementing systems to address any of those issues.

Employees need to have access to information, procedures, supplies, etc., so they can work without having to interrupt anyone, and the right systems will eliminate the problem!

Or, as Joe says, “That would eliminate anyone shooting me as I walk through the plant!”

I recommend you avoid getting “shot!”  Systems are the right way to run a business, but they only work if you implement and follow them!

Did I mention? Great System Work?