Biggest Lie in Business HistoryStarting a small business in 1988, I came face to face with the biggest LIE in business history. In fact, I bought into that lie for a time, because other business owners, friends, repeated the lie.

Moreover, they had no answers for fixing our operational struggles permanently.

To be fair, they didn’t realize it was a lie they were spreading. By the same token, it never occurred to them that their business-life could much better.

Sadly, after hearing the lie over and over, a feeling of hopelessness followed.

So, what is the biggest lie in business history?

Chaos in small business is NORMAL”

THAT, my friend, is a BIG FAT LIE!

To be certain, there are thousands of businesses around the world that have overcome chaos, and are now leading their competition. In fact, some have become national franchises.

You know what’s amazing? These businesses that have overcome chaos are growing at a rate, whereby their competition will likely never catch up.

Why?  Because their competition has bought into and still believes that lie. Therefore, they remain blind to the fact, that “SYSTEMS” COULD SET THEM FREE. Free, from a continual stream of miscommunication, errors, employee infighting, cluttered offices and general mayhem!

If this type of disorder is happening in your business, then you are still believing the lie that chaos is normal. Therefore, continuing business a usual. I suggest you STOP it!

Free from the Biggest Lie in Business

The feeling of hopelessness, mentioned above, does not mean that circumstances ARE hopeless, it’s just a feeling of hopelessness. Therefore, keep searching for the truth. TRUTH is, the truth will set you free.

The ANSWER that ended my hopelessness, years ago, came in the form of a book. That book opened a new world of exciting possibilities for our business. In it, author Michael Gerber wrote something that smacked me up-side of the head…

He said, “You are the problem, you’ve always been the problem, and you always will be the problem, until you CHANGE!”

In other words, business owners are responsible for all chaos in their business, until they change.  And, they are responsible for implementing systems that prompt everyone in the business to correct action. So, don’t blame others in your business for chaos.

I can tell you, that preached to me!

More importantly, I made the DECISION to change. No longer excepting the lie that chaos is normal. Much less, accepting its consequences. Furthermore, I made a commitment to never turn back until our business ran like a well-oiled machine.

With that as our mission, we implemented systems in every phase of our business, leaving nothing to chance.

Oh, did I mention? The systems worked!

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