Place Called ThereBelieve it or not, there IS a place called THERE!  For years, many small business owners have shared with us their desire to go “there”.

In fact, in their mind’s eye they can described how it looks, how orderly and peaceful it seems “there”.

No doubt, the desire is strong to get “there,” but the burden of business ownership has delayed plans to go “there”.

Yet, business owners keep dreaming about freedom to do the things they’ve always wanted to do, but never have the time.

The simple reason is, they are NOT “there”!

Sure, some owners manage to squeeze in important family events and vacations. Unfortunately, their business goes right along with them, via cell phone and laptop.

But to travel to THERE, always gets postponed.

Nevertheless, in the back of the owner’s mind that elusive place called THERE keeps calling.

Yep, it CALLS every time a big costly mistake happens. It CALLS every time a job or service delivery date is missed.

It CALLS at the end of a fourteen-hour workday when their work is still not finished.

Isn’t it Time to Go There?

When business owners get sick and tired of the dysfunction and the overall lack of organization to sustain peaceful order, we sometimes get their call.

Those in the know KNOW that we KNOW the way—having a map to a place called THERE!

Our map describes the best route to get THERE. And, although there are various ways to go, we show them the shortest, most effective route for their “vehicle”—their business.

Once they make that all-important decision to go THERE, we ask them to identify their TOP THREE FRUSTRATIONS. Those work issues hindering their progress to get THERE!

Normally, they confide having no written procedures for how their business functions. In other words, NO OPERATIONS MANUAL.

So, we show them HOW TO BUILD AN OPERATION MANUAL without starting from scratch. Whereby, speeding up their journey to THERE.

The two other frustrations owners often report are employee mistakes and internal miscommunications. Those fixes come by way of a Quality Assurance System and an Employee Daily Routine System.

To be sure, those two systems are KEY parts of the Operations Manual, which vastly shortens the time to THERE!

The Final Road to THERE

Again, when small business owners envision the place called THERE, they will speak of how clean it is, where nothing is out of place. In other words, NO CLUTTER ANYWHERE.

Wow! NO MORE CHAOS—now “that would be heaven,” some say!

If you can BELIEVE and make the decision to go THERE, you’ll be surprised when you arrive. As your family, employees and clients have been waiting for you to get THERE.

Hallelujah, peace and order, finally!!

Did I mention? Great systems work THERE!