Familiar FrustrationsEvery business owner on the planet gets a daily soaking in a fountain of familiar frustrations. Yes, over the years we have documented many owner frustrations from that fountain via surveys.

Surprisingly, many owners are so accustomed to a soaking, they never consider the option of turning OFF that fountain. SO, their employees and clients get the same drenching from the same familiar frustrations raining havoc in their business.

Thankfully, we encounter small business owners seeking freedom from their business frustrations. At which point, we send them a survey of questions and ask them to list their top business frustrations.

Armed with this information, we concentrate on FIXING their top three frustrations. Wherein, the battle of removing their business frustrations is on, and peace begins to reign.

Without further ado, below is a list of top frustrations from these surveys.


  • Inconsistencies in operations
  • Smart people failing to do the right things right
  • Stupid mistakes
  • Project management without my involvement by asking me for updates.
  • Poor customer related documentation – interoffice and field
  • Overly complicated invoicing process
  • People should know what to do without having to ask me
  • Quality Control of Service
  • We need an Operations Manual
  • General lack of thinking instead of just doing.
  • Personnel HR Issues
  • On time delivery not happening

To be sure, we have many more comments, but these should be easily recognizable by most business owners.

Not surprising to us, NO MATTER THE INDUSTRY, every survey taken from prospects and new clients are very similar.

The good news is, every one of these familiar frustrations listed is FIXABLE!

To be sure, acknowledging and listing problems is a key step in gaining freedom from getting a daily drenching from that familiar fountain.

With this in view, owning a small business should NOT BE A JOB, it should be OWNERSHIP; not drowning in frustrations!

Make no mistake, without great systems business ownership will remain hard work!

Systems to Fix Familiar Frustrations

Fact is, just a few systems will fix most of the frustrations listed above, such as:

Our motto is “We Organize Businesses by Removing Frustrations – One System at a Time.”


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Did I mention? Great Systems Work!