business decisionsHaphazard business decisions are the accepted “norm” in most small businesses. In spite of the fact, thousands of decisions for actions are necessary to correctly process some jobs and services.

Some may conclude that making 1000 decisions to process a job or service is a little exaggerated. However, if that’s your assumption, we have a Master Control Checklist that proves otherwise.

When viewing this Master Control Checklist, pay close attention to other Quality Assurance checklists, referenced.

Importantly, each checklist prompt calls for an action, to make the next correct decision in the process. All, to achieve zero errors in processing products and services. Note, you’re seeing only part of the over-all quality assurance system needed to process jobs and services with zero errors.

This Master Control Checklist, a Quality Assurance System, was designed to reduce waste and chaos; more importantly, to fulfill the promise of quality to customers.


1000 Business Decisions Made Correctly | Good Marketing

A salesperson, helping with marketing, sat down and counted each prompt on every quality assurance checklist used in the company. As a result, he found over 1000 prompts, whereby calling it, The 1000 Points of Quality Assurance.

Not surprisingly, he used this Quality System to assure his clients, their jobs would be on-time, every-time. More importantly, correctly processed!

Risking Employee Mutiny via Systems

Over the years, we’ve heard many business owners bemoan this type of quality assurance as, “Too much control!”  Unfortunately, they feared employee mutiny, if implementing a system featuring 1000 or more Action Prompts.

TRUTH is, their employees make 1000 or more decisions each time they process jobs and services. But, without control checklists, they’re just making these important decisions by memory—the seat of their pants!  That’s where mistakes happen, costing a company, its shirt!

Did I mention? Great systems work!