Under New Management“Under New Management” signs, displayed on business buildings, are there to send an important message to former customers.

The sign means to convey:

♦ “Things have changed around here. We’re not who we used to be!”

♦ “Our new management team will place serving YOU, our customer, as Top Priority.”

♦ “We have repented of poor business practices!”

♦ “Come and see our new logos, new paint, sparkling floors and bathrooms. And our new upbeat smiling staff will welcome you back.”


Those Under New Management signs also mean, a new general manager is at the helm, OR a new owner has taken charge.

For a few weeks or months, a business under new management has a positive effect.

However, the MESSAGE the sign meant to convey left out an all-important detail.

Make NO mistake! IF the old core operating system of the business remains, operations will return to substandard management methods in short order.

Truth is, there’s not enough new paint and logos to cover poor business systems!

Under New Management the Right Way

“Change Management” is a well-defined methodology for transitioning a business and employees from a “loosey-goosey” mode, to a “nothing-left-to-chance” state.

The RIGHT systems are designed to empower employees and gain their trust to embrace systematic change in the work environment.

From this viewpoint, “Under New Management” should indicate the business will NOW operate with the support of a well-thought-out, carefully written Operations Manual.

In addition, the Manual features a series of documented workflow processes/systems to ASSURE quality customer services and products. This SYSTEM of management doesn’t rely on inconsistent human memory.

It’s a managerial method, whereby owners and managers manage the SYSTEM, and the SYSTEM manages the business!  It’s a win-win!

We’re talking about a comprehensive system that holds ALL members of the business accountable for quality service and products. It allows them to have more pride in their work, and take ownership of it!

Whereby, all members of the organization/business have quick online access to the Operations Manual. At their fingertips are quality assurance checklists, daily routine checklists, procedures, policies, etc.

Importantly, the Manual gives everyone the tools to do their job without constant supervision.

There is a RIGHT reason to post a business sign that reads “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.”

The RIGHT message should boast of “new and improved operating systems.”

Did I mention? Great systems WORK!