The War Within BusinessThe daily management of predictable and UN-predictable events is what makes for the seemingly eternal and frustrating war within business.

These events are the thousands of processes that run a business. Gaining a handle on them is a battle that can be won!

The good news for small business owners is that most events/processes are totally predictable.

How do I know?

I spent more than seven years identifying, documenting, tracking, measuring, improving, and updating EVERY known process in our small business. It was a great education, and ultimately a huge time- and money-saver!

Our first small business was a commercial printing company; a specialized manufacturing business with hundreds of critical processes. Not to mention, the consideration and completion of hundreds of other events that ALL businesses perform, to function properly.

For this reason, many small businesses function not only inadequately, but also in a perpetual state of controlled chaos. Sadly, our company was one of those, back then.

So we lived in that chaotic state until learning the war within business was winnable. Even for those without a business degree.  Because, it’s not rocket science!

Weapons for Business Warfare

Make no mistake, counting the cost before entering the WAR of bringing a business under control starts with a never surrender commitment to WIN.

Win at all costs!

Yes, there will be casualties. And yes, there will be some wounding of folk’s pride. Unfortunately, you’ll find that some of the enemies in systematic warfare against business disorder are those in your own camp.

And, thankfully, employees you never expected will become your closest allies.

This type of warfare takes a “General Patton” approach. In other words, an aggressive, offensive, corrective-action against the enemy of business order.

We are not talking about an owner’s red-faced, berating, tongue-lashing against non-conformance. But a well-thought-out plan of attack with a “never give up” determination.

To be clear, the mission is to take captive every non-conforming event and use it to continually improve your business operations.

By installing control systems to monitor every process and event in your business, nothing is left to chance in the WAR WITHIN BUSINESS!

Did I mention? Great systems work!