Real Measure of SuccessWhat is the real measure of success when it comes to owning or managing a small business?

Recently, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with an established business owner concerning his disappointments of business ownership.

Although successful money-wise, he shared regret that his business was still dysfunctional after twenty plus years. In some ways, he felt he had failed.

Consequently, before retiring or selling the business, his prayer is the business will run smoothly without him constantly involved in daily operations.

Not surprisingly, we hear the same frustrations from many other longtime business owners, discouraged with their company’s operations.

Excitement of Business Ownership Wanes

When first starting out as a new business owner and finding early success, profit wise, the excitement of ownership is pure joy.

However, as the years tick by, and making a nice profit becomes normal, the wear and tear of business ownership takes its toll.

Consequently, the real measure of success is open for question. And for some, burnout looms large. The thought of quitting or selling comes into view.

How do I know? Been there, got a few scars!

But thank GOD, a friend who witnessed my discouragement with business ownership gave me the answer by giving me a certain business book to read.

That book shared a vision for how systems would WORK to free me from mundane daily operations. More importantly, it gave back my JOY of business ownership.

Success in Systemic Business Operations

TRUE SUCCESS in small business is when the business runs without the owner overseeing operations, AND the business remains profitable.

To arrive at this place, a business must function using systematic operations.

This is where a Business Process Management System (BPMS) pays major dividends. That is, versus using the business owner’s brain as “central command”, a common and burdensome methodology.

To be clear, a BPMS includes much more than a job and service tracking software.

Although a job and service tracking system are hugely important, there are thousands of other considerations a business owner deals with daily.

For this reason, a small business’ growth is limited to the amount of information an owner can keep in his or her head.

For REAL success, using a system of management that has few limitations is KEY!

In short, a successful business process system is one where the owner has downloaded, out of their head, how the business operates from beginning to end!

This crucial information can be transferred to a detailed Operations Manual; or, better yet, to a computer program that includes all aspects of operation, i.e. daily routine checklists, procedures, policies, etc.

Did I mention? Great systems work!