It Will All Pan OutThe “It Will All Pan Out” system is how most small businesses operate. Which is a loosey-goosey process that many claim is just “business as usual.”

However, jobs and services are somehow completed; employees get paid, and the business owner makes a profit.

Yep, by hook or crook, IT WILL ALL PAN OUT. Unfortunately, in most cases, systemic PANdemonium is the result.

Not surprisingly, this method of operating occurs in larger companies of 200 to 300 employees.

How do I know? Experience!

In truth, it takes discipline, integrity, and a never-give-up commitment to systematically eliminate errors and waste permanently!

Frankly speaking, without INTEGRITY, profit has little meaning. Because, without INTEGRITY, true success in business is fleeting. As the head steward, it’s the owner’s God-given duty to fight to remove disorder in every sector of their business.

Although, many owners have integrity in other areas of LIFE, they lack discipline. The discipline and/or knowledge to ASSURE quality of products and services in their business.  For this reason, mistakes, employee miscommunications, and promises of follow-ups NOT kept to customers are everyday occurrences.


Furthermore, business owners should NOT publish guarantees of CONSISTENT QUALITY in marketing materials, unless they can PROVE IT.  With that said, the secret to proving quality starts by using a system that measures ALL non-conformance. And fixes them permanently.

To be blunt, the excuse, “We have too many variables or S#&$ happens,” doesn’t absolve business owners from THEIR promise of quality and follow-up.

Integrity demands assurances!

Assurances in business can ONLY happen using systematic methods.  A company with multiple customers, employees, and vendors, DEMANDS well-mapped processes! AND again, a system for tracking, measuring and fixing all non-conformance.

Systems for Assuring an Owner’s Integrity

Our mission at System100 is to help small business owners assure their integrity stays healthy.

However, assuring a healthy integrity begins and ends with a resolve by the owner to stay the course. One that includes implementing a company-wide control system that assures QUALITY. Which is, a well-documented, systematically updated, comprehensive operations manual.

A Few Systems to Assure Integrity

Make no mistake, quality of service, product manufacturing, cleanliness of facilities, and communications starts at the TOP. With the business owner!

In short, using the loosey-goosey “It will all PAN out in the end” system in your business, leads to PANdemonium!

However, did I mention? Great Systems Work!