Last month our company launched an exciting new feature, a SCOREBOARDS system for monitoring and sharing productivity updates and other important company data with your entire team… at a glance!

Imagine having a SCOREBOARD on a large screen TV in your office (and other locations in your business) that displays in real time, so you could read, at-a-glance, the following:

• Total amount of REWORK for a given period for your company
• What rework is costing in dollars…and the percentage of total sales
• Which individuals in your company are causing the most rework…and how much in time and dollars.

Now imagine the same scoreboard also displays:

• PROJECTS or TASKS—you know, those wildly important goals you assign to others, but that somehow get lost in the day-to-day grind.

With a Scoreboard System, everyone in the organization can see in real time and at-a-glance, the progress of assigned tasks or projects.

Your scoreboard can also display:
• Companywide memos
• Companywide and department calendars
• Special encouragement, scriptures, or famous quotes
• Various types of documents that are normally posted on a cluttered wall
• You name it!

Can you envision your team having a SCOREBOARD like this?

If you can imagine it… it can also become reality!  We can help you with that!