organized businessIt’s not often you find a client like our “Fred,” now the owner of a truly organized business!”

Fred has not only become a tenacious proponent of systemizing a business, but now carries that message to his business-owner friends and colleagues in his industry.

These days, Fred has a continual stream of business owners making the pilgrimage to his place of business to hear his fiery sermons on quality control and other related topics. Then they get a firsthand look at his impressively organized business.


Chaos is a Painful Attention-Grabber

Many times, when Fred speaks to owners seeking solutions for the chaos in their business, he begins with a definite attention grabber, “I know where you liveI feel your pain!”  He describes in great detail how the owner’s business looks, feels and operates, as if looking through a crystal ball.

Then Fred goes into detail about what the owner is experiencing, personally, due to the stresses and strains of operating a business that’s out of order. It’s as if he can read their minds!  But, no—no crystal ball—Fred has just walked in their shoes, and lived where they live!

Fred tells the owner how he sees him as:

Unable to leave the office without…

  • your cell phone constantly ringing
  • staff asking for information
  • costly errors being made and balls being dropped
  • jobs not being processed correctly
  • unresolved customer complaints
  • working long hours and weekends trying to keep up,” etc.

And, of course, there’s no time for family life. Fred knows about that, too!

As he describes certain problems that ONLY an owner from his industry could possibly relate to and understand, the soon-to-be convert concedes… “You’re right, Fred, I think you’ve been living under my desk. You really do know where I live!”

Learning Step-by-Step To Eliminate the Pain

At this point, Fred takes the now-ready-to-listen owner through a step-by-step demonstration of his quality control system. He emphasizes the importance of each prompt on the SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). Then he shows the owner how each system is affected by other systems, how they interact and hold everyone accountable.

You see, when we first met Fred, he was seeking solutions to his own chaos. He was ready to do whatever it took to bring his own company to order. Fred KNOWS where other business owners live, because he lived in the same messes himself. We simply provided tools to Fred when he was the seeker, and shared with him what we’ve learned and witnessed over the years.

Now, it’s Fred’s turn!

Deciding for Quality Control Systems

Fred now brings more “seekers” to our door who are sick and tired of the pain of chaos in their businesses. These owners are ready to make a decision for a new start in their business, by employing the power of systems.

It’s not easy to admit to other business owners that you need help.  I know about that, because I was ALSO a seeker, when my business was out of control in 1993.  I still seek continual improvement, wherever I can find it.  We ALL need help and direction at some point!

Did I mention? Great systems work?