lean times lean actionsLean times call for lean actions!

If you spend enough time watching the major news networks these days, you can see a thread weaving through all the rhetoric, fancy graphics, pomp and circumstance.

It’s all about OPINIONS. Everybody has one!

Every news program shares the results of Opinion Polls or seeks to enlighten us on a number of issues. They use a panel of “experts,” who tend to leave most of us frustrated that no REAL solution is offered.

MY OPINION? You can’t run a business, a country, or anything else on opinions—or bogged down in CHAOS!

A Viable Solution

Now and then comes a voice of reason, a breath of fresh air, a light in the darkness (if you’ll indulge me in a few clichés). Finally, a viable solution that actually has enough merit to take seriously!

Years ago such an idea sparked a dozen-year journey that found me deep in a work that has transformed not only my business, but also my life.  The theory of evolution goes, “Give it a few million years, and NOTHING will turn into SOMETHING.”  The truth is, order CAN come out of chaos, but only after serious planning, designing, and hard work.

I was raised to believe there is, or should be, order to everything. Enough history is sufficient to prove that to any thinking human being. Cause and Effect, we call it!  On the other hand, I don’t believe order just comes naturally to most human beings. It didn’t to me!

When I was a boy I lived, ate and slept in an amazingly clean home. But, since I wasn’t called on to affect that kind of order in Mom’s house, you can imagine my amazement when I moved out. Such cleanliness and order did NOT just follow me into my OWN home. Like so many human beings, I found myself constantly frustrated by my mess. It took me years to realize I had the power to change it, especially after I discovered the power of good systems.

I am, by nature, a walking poster child for all the “slobs” of the world who struggle with personal organization. What would our military be if order was not expected around them?  How many marriages and relationships fail over one person leaving their mess in an other’s space?  How many companies (whole countries even) struggle with and fall victim to CHAOS?

Lean Operations Will Stamp Out Chaos

Let’s be honest, SOME mere mortals have a serious flaw. They actually relish chaos, because they are not comfortable with order. Fact of the matter is, many still believe that chaos is normal, especially in business.

MY OPINION? It’s time for us to get a handle on it! We must implement real solutions, if we’re going to turn our business and this economy around!

In the past few years, I’ve been able to visit with hundreds of business owners across our nation, and I’ve heard a resounding complaint. “Not enough time, too many problems!”  That’s CHAOS!

Today many businesses, including my own, are feeling the crunch of this economic downturn, and doing all we can to survive. Sadly, many owners are being taxed beyond their ability to meet payroll. This latest tax, disguised as the “Affordable Care Act,” threatens to make matters worse, if the tide is not stemmed. Many business owners have had to forego certain benefits for their employees. They are watching their staff dwindle, due to less and less business coming through the door.

But, “taxes” aside, maybe YOU are struggling to get a handle on what is actually going wrong INSIDE the operation of your business, because you don’t have the reporting ability to see the full picture at any given moment.

I’m thankful to say the kind of business systems we developed and implemented several years ago have allowed us to operate LEAN. We are able to be sustainable during such times as these.

WHEN this economy turns around (and I believe it will), will you have thrown in the towel?  Or will you have sought solutions to help your business survive these lean times?

MY OPINION?  LEAN times call for lean actions! 

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Did I mention—Great Systems Work!