Time to Change Your TuneOver the years, as systems analysts for software, we have heard countless business owners claim to be too busy to work ON their business. Nevertheless, they say, “Just as soon as things slow down we’re going to implement written systems and build an operations manual.”  Same ole song, umpteenth verse! Isn’t it time to change your tune?

Procrastination is the self-inflicted time thief humankind has been struggling with for eons. Interesting that, written 3,000 years ago are many old proverbs dealing with this very issue!


“Sluggards do not plow in season; [therefore] at harvest time they look but find nothing.”

To be clear, if you are NOT plowing—working ON your business during business slowdowns, i.e. The Covid-19 Outbreak—precious time is wasted. Consequently, at harvest time when business is roaring, employee miscommunications and errors become more frequent and detrimental. Simply put, NO PLOWING, nothing changes, and another lost opportunity.

“The soul of a lazy man desires and has nothing; but the soul of the diligent shall be made rich.”

Our interpretation… when business owners or managers desire to stop the chaos in their business and then procrastinate; again, nothing changes. In fact, business operations become worse and errors multiply. On the other hand, owners or managers who diligently work ON their business for continual improvement, by implementing great systems for order, their efforts are awarded with prosperity.

Fear of Business Slowdowns Immobilize

Fear of business slowdowns immobilizes owners from taking the time to make important changes. Sadly, due to temporary money shortages during those slowdowns, owners put off investing in business management systems and other tools that could help sustain them. Moreover, with little vision to perceive the investment benefits of building an operation manual, AND implementing those written procedures to revolutionize their business, that much-needed change of tune never comes.

I’m reminded of an epitaph on an old headstone. It read, “I spent my life stringing and unstringing my instrument, but the song I came to sing remains unsung.” How sad, that one should work hard at building a dream, even a successful business, only to realize one day their efforts fell short of it!

Maybe it’s time to sing a new song—time to change your tune. Never miss any opportunity to fine-tune your business practices. There are real solutions that can FIX what causes daily frustration, sleepless nights, and lost revenue.

How do I know? I nearly gave up on my business years ago, until I changed my own tune and systematized my entire operation.  Fact is, I changed to a new tune—a symphony of order, I call it. It’s a tune I “sing” every day to business owners and managers, because I know it will bring freedom from chaos for them, their employees, and their families.

Did I mention? Great systems work!