The mental picture of a business eating itself is troublesome. For me, bringing to mind a promo poster for JAWS!  Yet it’s a daily occurrence in most companies. Make NO mistake; it’s NOT an uncontrollable disorder, because it is totally preventable.

However, when describing the ways this self-destructive behavior manifests, most small business owners shrug it off as “business as usual.”

Here’s an example…

Bob, the lead Press Operator, shows up one hour late for work, resulting in a delay of the RUSH ORDER he was to have ready for the Finishing Department by 10:00 AM. This sets off a chain of un-welcomed events.

Now the Finishing Department must reschedule personnel to do other work, until the Pressroom delivers them the printed sheets.

Management then pressures the Finishing Department to, “Scramble as soon as the printed sheets arrive.”

To make matters worse, the Salesperson must deliver the bad news to their client: the PROMISED rush job will not arrive on time. Does this sound remotely familiar?

Continuing the chain of un-welcomed events…

The UPSET CLIENT calls the owner with a scathing reprimand; even threatening to pull their account.

Yep, by ONE seemingly small event—added to other such un-systemized “small” events—the business eating itself continues.

Unabated, that chewing away of business profits, employee morale, a peaceful culture, and overall order, will end up ‘eating your lunch’.

Surprisingly, some business owners proudly boast of their still-earned profits, despite their habitual disorder. “SO WHAT,” they say, “we’re still making money!”

Regrettably, never fully realizing their responsibility as business owners, they just move on from one non-conformance to the next. They ignore the fact that they are to blame for the stress and strain added to their employees, clients, and even their own lives.

Stop the Chaos in Your Business!

To be certain, seemingly unmanageable disorder is VERY CONTROLLABLE!

However, like any self-inflicted disorder, in life or in business, HUMBLIZATION is essential. Whereby, an owner must admit there IS a problem, and set a mission to systematically ARREST IT, before it gobbles up everything they have worked for.

Borrowing a well-known phrase, “Seek and you will find,” there are many books, videos, blogs to help bring systematic order to business.

In fact, if you are a business owner, it is right in front of your face. Just knock!

Did I mention? Great systems work!