Give Me Liberty“Give me liberty” is the heart-cry of most small business owners.

Let’s face it, the original dream of business ownership is to become independent financially and enjoy lots of free time.

Unfortunately, for most owners with five or more years under their belt, the original dream is only a fading memory.  It’s all due to NOT knowing how to organize a business so they don’t have to be there.

Consequently, many owners find themselves working 12-14 hours a day to keep up the pace.

With lack of knowledge regarding organization, delegating work to others is a “crapshoot” at best. Therefore, business owners continue the unhealthy business of wearing too many hats.

Using that methodology, there is also NO systematic transfer of information.  Then, due to the limits of human memory, the details of work know-how transfers VERBALLY, back and forth between owner and employee, with no end in sight.

No surprise, owners become frustrated with employee interruptions as they seek information to perform various tasks.

There is a Better Way to Operate

If owners only realized, they have ALL the information for how their business operates IN THEIR OWN HEAD. And it will remain there, until they DOWNLOAD IT into a written operations manual.

Make no mistake!  Owners are totally to blame for mistakes, miscommunications, and ALL disorder when having NO comprehensive operations manual. Also, it must be easily accessible to employees.

Truth is, many small businesses operate with a loosey-goosey style of operations for years.

In fact, owners become so accustomed to VERBAL training and workflow communications, they just figure, “that’s the way all businesses operate.”

If that was true—and it’s a great big LIE—I’d be the first to say, “Count me OUT!”

Statistically, BURN-OUT usually happens around the fifth year of business ownership.  So, thoughts like, “Give me liberty or count me out,” is all too common.

According to the Small Business Administration, only about half of businesses survive to year five. And very few get to the ten-year mark.

The Way of Liberation and a Real Life

To OWN, and not just have a JOB in your business, comes ONLY one way—SYSTEMS!

If, leaving your office means countless cell phone calls or texts—along with that funny feeling in your stomach that all is NOT well back at the office—you should consider that your wake-up call.

Time to read some good books about systemizing, end-to-end!

You know, “Seek and you WILL find!”

You may discover, there are three steps to getting your business organized.

The most important thing a business owner can do to systemize their business, is make the never-turn-back DECISION to DO IT!

Did I mention? Great systems work!