entropyListening to a radio host, recently, reminded me of The Law of Entropy that had nearly taken my business down years ago.

Fact is, in the early 1990’s we knew very little about business systems. However, we knew a lot about the frustration and pain caused by business chaos. In fact, it was all that pain that started me seeking a cure for business chaos, caused by The Law of Entropy.

Unfortunately, every business is plagued by this on-going, incurable condition called “entropy”!


The good news is, we found a sustainable remedy for this “condition.”

The Law of Entropy Defined:

Entropy is the predisposition of all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of chaos. The inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or entity.

I had turned on the Sunday radio program, while driving on a beautiful Tennessee back road, not long ago. The host was speaking about this “entropy” as the condition of mankind. He described the root cause of the trouble as an ongoing ailment, unlike conditions controlled by medication, diet or exercise. Of course, being a Bible teacher, the condition he was referring to was sin. “To keep this condition under control,” he said, “mankind needs a personal relationship with The Great Physician.”

So, how does this relate to business?

Entropy | Business Organization via Systemization

Well, I’m not a “great physician,” but as a systems specialist, I recognize BUSINESS ENTROPY when I see it! Therefore, I’m happy to aid businesses in gaining control over the chaos caused by entropy. For more than 15 years, we have helped other small businesses deal with this condition, since we found a “cure.”

I heartily prescribe systemization of processes, and continual improvement in all areas of a business. Our company has built unique systems for maintaining healthy businesses. With my team, we have identified many of the symptoms of entropy. We call them “System Busters.” Similarly, other business professionals call these symptoms, non-conforming events. Sounds complicated, but it’s not!

Examples and Solutions for System Busters

What are System Busters? They are any non-conforming occurrences in your business. Generally, they’re the unwanted, sometimes unexpected events every business faces daily. The problem is, a lack of control systems. To be sure, no matter how large, small or sophisticated the organization, quality control systems are a must!

As examples consider, Job or Service Orders forgotten or misplaced, and errors in service or production. This happens because people fail to follow procedures. In addition, consider the problem of materials not available when needed, and out-of-control labor costs, etc.

So, what is the treatment or solution for these nasty symptoms? What is the ‘medicine’ that can alleviate an owner’s pain, caused by this breakdown in business processes?

I’ve written on this subject extensively in many publications, also in my book System Busters. I have a passion to help small business owners overcome frustrations caused by entropy! It’s a (business) killer!

It’s important to realize, there are many symptoms experienced by business professionals, dealing with this disorder. Sadly, many business owners believe they must just accept these symptoms of chaos. After all, isn’t that the price paid by all business owners? Nonsense!

Despite the condition caused by the incurable law of entropy, those symptoms can be placed in remission, if not DORMANCY!

However, we emphasis ACTIVE continual improvement and follow-up systems as the main method/cure. Removing the symptoms of chaos, caused by entropy, will thereby establish a SYMPHONY OF ORDER!

The Good News | Symptoms of Entropy in Remission

I’m happy to report that, years went by in our business, with few signs of entropy, due to systemization. Most importantly, we learned that continual improvement was the most effective treatment for the disorder. Continual improvement is key!

We have no control over the laws of the universe. However, by implementing written process systems, and being diligence to stay the course, allows a business control of all areas of operation. Curable, no! However, systemization can seriously minimize the effects of business entropy.

Did I mention? Great systems work!

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