Customer Retention SystematizationWhy should customer retention be the top priority for every business!

In short, to avoid customers coming in the front door, and leaving out the back door.

The definition of Retention is the act of keeping someone, or something.The KEY words here is THE ACT. In other words, doing something, to keep something.

The most blogged and written-about topic in business is, SALES, sales and more sales.

Next to sales, the hot topic is MARKETING, marketing, and more marketing. Business professionals are drawn like flies to a flame, to these topics, and will tell you, “Nothing happens without sales, you know.”

Did you know that experts in the topic of sales say, that getting a NEW customer is five to twenty-five times as hard as keeping an existing customer?

Of course, that depends on the market.

Make no mistake, from our experience, customer retention systematization is just as important if not more important.

Yep an alien concept indeed!