typical American businessWant to see a scary picture of a fairly typical American business?

See if you might relate… no, really!

Cranky opens his business at 8:00 a.m. Bob, Sue and Mary wander in by 8:45.  Bob and Sue answer phones until Jim decides to show up at 10.

Then Cranky answers the phones, while Sue goes to the bank; except on Tuesday’s when she takes “Scooter” to Doggie Daycare.  Then Jim goes, if he’s not on call; or Mary, if she can borrow Cranky’s car (her teenage son wrecked hers).

On Fridays, Cranky does payroll and takes job orders, unless there are more problems in production. Then Bob takes the orders.

HOWEVER… Bob hates doing that, so he usually lets the phone ring until Cranky drops everything and picks up.

Problem is, Cranky tends to write orders up wrong, as his desk is piled so high with back orders (and good intentions), he can’t find his price lists.

So, Jim gets mad at Bob for not doing his job. Cranky gets upset at Jim AND Bob for quarreling. Cranky shouts, “If Bob is too [exp!] busy, then Mary can help, if her nails are dry, except on Wednesdays when she needs to get the [exp!] invoices out.”

Cranky’s blood pressure soars while Bob, Jim, Sue and Mary look at him with wonder…   “What is Cranky so upset about?”

Typical American Business? SCARY!

Chaos is NOT funny!

In most businesses, there are thousands of details and variables that most workers try to commit to memory. Any of those details, if botched or forgotten, eat up a company’s profits each year.

Over the past 15-plus years, I’ve seen my own early attempts and frustrations reflected in the faces of others who dared to own their own businesses, only to find them stressed to the point of despair.  It doesn’t have to be that way!

TRUTH is… most business problems can be remedied by implementing the right SYSTEMS.

Great systems can allow even the most ordinary person to organize, build and grow an extraordinary business. Moreover, they can do it without all the chaos and costly reruns.

I know now it’s possible to break down all facets of the most seemingly complex business systems into something easy to manage.

We’ve done it!  AND we’ve continued to improve on it!

How to start?  Think of your business as a sinking ship; now find the biggest hole and create a system to stop the leak. Then find the NEXT biggest hole, and keep filling holes with Cranky-proof systems, until your operation is ship-shape.

Don’t be Cranky!  The right process management solution can fix your leaky ship!

System100™ was designed to plug those ‘holes’ in businesses!

Did I mention? Great systems work!