Cloning a Business OwnerCloning a business owner?

Wouldn’t it be great as a business owner if you could clone yourself two or three times.After all, wasn’t it you who developed the idea for your business? The one who knows how it should work?

Cloning YOU!

Now that would ensure every area of your business operated as if YOU were doing and overseeing every job or task yourself!  A virtual you, times three.

Actually, we have been coaching and preaching this concept for years and it still pays dividends for those who HEAR.

Yep, we’re always looking for interesting ways to share concepts for business organization through systematization.

So, when we see real fruit from our labor, it makes for an exciting day. Not to mention, a thought-provoking video.

I want to share an email we received from one of our clients in the Restoration business.

Fact is, he copied me when emailing his CEO of the national chain, where he owned a franchise.