No. 1 Reason for Business Owner BurnoutUnfortunately business owner burnout begins, DAY 1 of ownership.

In fact, the “burnout syndrome” begins the moment an owner (We’ll call Bob) receives their first question from an employee; like, “Hey. Mr. Bob, can I have off next week, my brother-in-law called today, he’s coming to town and wants me to take him fishing?”

So begins the continual relentless questions and interruptions from employees seeking information so they can do their job. Not to mention, countless customer and vendor inquiries.

The owner is the go-to-person who has all the answers. Right?

In most cases, small business ownership starts with a “vision of gran-deur.” They have dreams of extended vacations and time with the family whenever it pleases. Oh, and without interrupting cell phone calls.  And, the desire to have financial independence.

Now, who wouldn’t get excited about that?

However, as pressure from interruptions, errors, miscommunications, employee squabbles and cash flow issues mount, the passion and the once vision of gran-deur, fades. And business owner burnout take root!