declaration business independanceAs Americans, we who love our country take great pride in our founding documents, and the opportunity for personal and business independence.

Quoted regularly, the Declaration of Independence, many would say, was written and signed in blood!  Written to inform other nations, notably the British Empire, that America was declaring its freedom from them. America would become a sovereign nation.



These new Americans longed to be free, to determine our own goals, boundaries and laws. That freedom came at great cost, but with much commitment and resolve.

It’s human nature for children to want to declare their independence, even before they’re old enough. Still too young, they lack income enough to make such a declaration, much less the wisdom to carry it out.  Yet, young people chomp at the bit for “freedom” to come and go freely, stay out or sleep in as long as they want, empty the refrigerator with regularity, etc.

But, truth is, children are necessarily dependent for a time, NOT independent.  That’s where good parenting, good leadership, matters!  Even a mother bird knows when it’s time to let a fledgling fly safely, wisely on its own!

So, what does that have to do with business independence and systems? Everything!

Gaining Business Independence

Countless business owners declare they started or bought a business to gain their freedom. They were seeking independence from having to punch a time clock, or having a boss set their schedule.  They wanted to make their own rules, come and go as they pleased, and to set their own agenda. That’s exactly why I, too, chose to be self-employed!

However, I soon discovered, I was NOT as free as I expected.  In fact, it seemed I had more bosses than when I was an employee. My NEW bosses were my customers!  If I messed up, they could fire me and simply go down the street to my competitor. If I didn’t provide certain benefits or perks for my employees, they too would walk out the door.

Yes, I found myself IN dependence, to my customers and employees, and working long hours trying to keep them all happy. I was dealing with errors, often working late and weekends to correct them, so my customers wouldn’t fire me.

The Answer Comes

Well, thank God, an answer came. I read a great book on how to systemize my business!

In 1994 I made MY Declaration of Independence–my business independence!

I installed systems, including Daily Routine Checklists for all my employees. I designed and implemented quality and service control systems to stop the messes and errors in my business. Developing many other great systems, freed me from the controls of chaos. Finally, I was able to leave my business when I wanted to, without fear that things would fall apart.

I was finally, TRULY INDEPENDENT of the burden of day-to-day operations, and what happens when controls are not in place.  I could do the things I always wanted to do, but could never find the time!  It came with a cost and commitment, but, oh, the FREEDOM!

Did I mention?  Great systems work!