business dysfunctionFOR THOSE WHO HAVE EARS TO HEAR, there is a SOLUTION to the disorder and  business dysfunction you are experiencing!

Okay, so I’m sitting here wadding up one paper after another, these past few hours, trying to write the world’s most profoundly motivating message that might finally convince you, Mr. or Ms. business owner, to get off your steeped-in-chaos hindquarters, and move things to the next level! [deep breath…1-2-3]

I keep wondering…


I am astronomically convinced every business on the planet needs well-planned Quality Control Systems in their operations.  So, WHY do so many owners choose to endure PAIN on a daily basis, rather than seek that very real solution?

WHAT could I possibly say to convince you and other owners and managers of the obvious? Here it is… Without written processes for your day-to-day operations, your business is doomed! Yes, to endure longer and longer hours, stress, errors, lost revenue, rework, sleepless nights and thinning hair. Do you enjoy the internal backbiting, dissatisfied customers—two steps forward, three steps back?

Our company has helped many owners get started on the road to freedom from “business as usual” methods. We coach them on how to systemize all areas of their businesses, BECAUSE WE CARE!  Hear me now, I’ve been there, and we want you to have what we have found. More time to enjoy an actual personal life; time to work on growing, not just maintaining your business!

Business Dysfunction Keeps You From Growing

What price are you willing to pay for the peace and order you say you want in those businesses? I can assure you, it’s a whole lot less than what you’re paying for now in lost revenues and daily frustrations!  Think of what you could experience, if all systems were GO!

Okay, so MAYBE, just MAYBE…

(Ask yourself, like I had to years ago)…

  • You’re discouraged by the past several years of our country’s iffy economy, and ready to throw in the towel?
  • Still learning the art of leadership, the balance of good business practices, policies and ethics?
  • Pressured by today’s political correctness, and afraid of offending some by setting quality standards in your business?
  • MAYBE you’re just waiting to retire, so you can get away from the stress and forget it ever happened?
  • You’re thinking to hand the business off to your children and let them deal with it?
  • You’ve come to the conclusion there’s no HOPE of ever obtaining your dream of financial freedom, or even the freedom to get away from the office without worrying it will fall apart?
  • You’re thinking you’re not up to bringing your business to order, so “Who gives a rip, anyway!?
  • Oh Oh… you’re a procrastinator who just never finishes anything?
  • Guess you thought running a business was going to be simpler, but have since buried your head in the sand, thinking THAT’s easier?
  • Feeling inferior to other business owners, because you don’t have a college education, and not born with that silver spoon thing?
  • Or, you belong to “the cup is half empty” crowd, and don’t know how to motivate yourself now?
  • Personal problems, even certain addictions, keeping you from achieving your once-hoped-for dreams?
  • MAYBE you’re just unable to admit you don’t know everything, so you’ve been pretending EVERYTHING is “normal”?

The Cure for Business Dysfunction

Okay, I admit it… MAYBE there are just some things beyond ole’ Philip’s reach as a system’s guy, no matter how much I want to help those who work so hard! Maybe you just don’t want to hear the enthusiastic cheer-leading of a guy who knows what it’s like to have been there, but was fortunate enough to find a better way? I’d be more than happy to tell you how we did it!

MAYBE you’ll allow me to suggest you talk it over with that Friend who sticks closer than a brother, for your answers?

For those who have ears…

Did I mention? Great Systems work!