Project Management Software for Small Business

Project Management SoftwareThe decision to acquire and implement Project Management Software is one owners should not take lightly. It’s a decision that can affect a business for years. Therefore, a key component that a Project Management Software should feature is a system for PROMPTS to ensure proper utilization of the software, itself.

In fact, under-utilization of features in small business Project Management Software is around 80%. It doesn’t’ have to be that way; however, most small business owner’s say they just don’t have TIME to oversee the proper installation of business software.

I wonder, do these owners have time for repeat errors, rework, loss of customers and profits, due to lack of quality and project management controls?

Reason for Poor Utilization of Business Software

Small business owners spend most of their time, hip-deep in daily operations and other business frustrations. In fact, many owners feel trapped in the mundane operations with no way out. Consequently, they lack quality time to implement Project Management Software properly or many other projects. They are also clueless, as to how to ensure employees use the software consistently.

The root cause is, MOST small business owners don’t know how to use simple control systems to be their “eyes” and “ears.” Nor do they know how to use control checklist to prompt employees to action. Therefore, owners do what most small business owner do; remain personally involved with every employee’s position, along with all business operations.

However, if owners would embrace checklists methodology, these checklists would prompt employees to use the company’s software consistently and correctly.

Project Management Software Acquisition

With little time to spare, many business owners let others in their company search out various software and even make the BIG decision regarding which software to acquire. The problem with that is, making a decision for management software is a long-term venture that can affect the owner’s business and finances for years.

Therefore, the software needs to be able to reflect the owner’s vision for the way the company operates. Without question, the owner should be involved in software acquisition, training and implementation. Total Quality Management starts at the top, and flawless utilization of business management software is key to success.

Importantly, business owners should note, today’s Project Management Software should do more than manage projects. In fact, it should help with the organization of the entire company. Unfortunately, some owners don’t see it, when they don’t see it!

Project Management Software | Organizational Tools

Many small businesses use several different types of software to manage their company. On the other hand, many small businesses have NO software to manage projects or other key aspects of their company.

At System100™, we believe that without proper business systems, the success of any business process cannot be guaranteed. Consequently, quality of product, service, OR the proper use of Project Management Software, will NEVER be consistent without a strict system of control checklists. This is not theory, it’s a FACT!

Business owners or managers, if honest, know this to be true. For this reason, I would ask them to think of all the stupid, chaotic, frustrating events that happen every day in their business. Then, think of the one thing that DOESN’T happen in their business. That THING is to ensure these non-conforming events don’t reoccur.

For this reason, System100™ Project Management Software features business management control tools to systemize all aspects of a business. For example, Document ManagementQuality ControlPreventative MaintenanceCAPA – Corrective Action / Preventive Action… and Customer Relationship Management, etc.

Find a software that can do all this, and you will find you are on the right track! 

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