Customer Relationship Management – CRM

customer relationship managementCRM is the acronym Customer Relationship Management. There are many CRM solutions on the market and, to be honest, many good ones.

CRM is widely touted in the business world, yet meaningless, unless you grasp the potential hidden power behind those letters. The possibilities behind can transform a company by transforming sales and customer retention.

What Makes the System100 CRM so Special?

There are literally hundred of reasons; the main reason is, it integrates with, and is part of, a most unique solution on the planet for organizing a small business.

Most people looking for a CRM are salespeople, business managers or business owners. Therefore, let’s cut to the chase here, and not waste anyone’s time.

If you are a salesperson, and NOT a manager or owner, System100 is probably NOT for you.

In fact, to be perfectly honest, you probably wouldn’t understand System100 or the need of our features. However, these features are super important to business OWNERS. No disrespect, Mr. or Ms. Salesperson, it’s just not your cup of tea!

However, if you are a manager or especially a BUSINESS OWNER you should not leave this page. If you watch this video, it may change the course of your business, which could change the course of your life.

There are 3 essentials needed for a CRM; however, many systems are needed for organizing a business, from front to back.

3 Essentials | A Pipeline for Winning

  1. Tracking Customer’s / Contact’s Information; Obvious
  2. Follow-up System; To keep from dropping balls
  3. Information Log Area; location for all communication, i.e. emails, phone notes, appointment notes, meetings, etc. Also, for documents, i.e. contracts, agreements, estimates, etc

However, CRM is for more than managing “customer relations”. It’s THE TOOL for Sales & Marketing, for converting Prospects into Customers. In fact, a more accurate description for CRM is, CONTACT RELATIONS MANAGEMENT.

Since sales are so crucial to a business’ survival, it is a mystery why so many small businesses do not utilize a CRM. Furthermore, those using a CRM do NOT use it effectively. Sadly, in most cases, the CRM is NOT controlled by the owner of the business. Owner-control is important when a salesperson decides to walk out the door.

Think of the times that business owners and/or sales people said they would follow-up with someone on a certain date, but it NEVER happened. Furthermore, how many sales opportunities are missed, or not closed, due to lack of follow-up by salespeople or owners? That my friend is STUPID, considering the money spent trying to ACQUIRE and/or KEEP business.

Green Grass and Something about Fools

There are countless CRM software that proclaim they can do some amazing acts. However, buyer beware! Green grass can turn into tall weeds and you end up NOT seeing the reason for the CRM in the first place. In fact, many small business owners are lured by non-essential bells and whistles, but in the end, it’s not about the bells, it’s about failure to implement the 3 essentials.

Business Systems for Owners | CRM + BPM + ERP = CONTROL

The good news for BUSINESS OWNERS is System100’s CRM integrates into all areas of a business, i.e. Job Tracking, Service Tracking, Scheduling, HR Systems, QA Systems, PM Systems, DR Systems, and CRM etc. In other words, a BPM – Business Process Management and/or ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning and the CRM integrated into ONE solution.

With this type of CRM integration, a business has the tools to organize and grow. More importantly, it has the tools and features to scale up systematically and put an end to business frustrations that cause a business OWNER sleepless nights.

Therefore, again, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is NOT for a salesperson-employee looking for their own private CRM. Our CRM System is for BUSINESS OWNERS, those who risk all to OWN and sustain a business.

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Mr. or Ms. Business Owner, you will be thankful you watched this video! In fact, you will wonder why it took so long to find software that not only manages customers, vendors, prospects, and other contacts, but has a vast amount of tools to organize a business from beginning to end.
This is a MUST SEE demo video for any Small Business Owner looking for a CRM -Customer Relationship Management, but also organizational management via systems.