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small business manufacturing ERPSmall Business Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a solution for organizing workflow and other business processes, systematically. Specifically, a Business Process Management (BPM) software to TURN-KEY a small manufacturing business.

For this reason, we designed System100™ with the necessary tools to organize a business, front-to-back. More importantly, it’s AFFORDABLE for small business.

In addition, we have highly experienced trainers to help assure owners and managers hit the ground running, in a matter of days.

Production Scheduling and Tracking

System100’s JobTraxx feature is a Production Scheduling and Job Tracking solution, integrated with many other process management features seen in our online video demo.

See at-a-glance, the STATUS of all jobs/projects in-progress on desktops, tablets, or large screen TV monitors. Thereby, keeping production workflow smooth!

Quality Assurance Included for Waste Reduction

A Small Business Manufacturing ERP normally does NOT feature Quality Assurance Systems. Much less, a CAPA (Corrective Action – Preventative Action) system. In short, only in large manufacture ERP’s, are Quality Management systems found.

Important to realize is, CAPA is the follow-up system for sustaining all company workflow systems.

Create Custom Business Systems

A ground-breaking part of System100™ is, the DocDesigner™. Whereby, enabling administrators to customize all systems and/or features contained in System100. In fact, administrators can create custom systems without need of special programming.

As a result, this ability to customize, empowers the software to mirror the way the business operates.

The free, online demo video will show how the DocDesigner™ functions.

To be clear, most software gives few options for making changes without requesting enhancements from the developer. For this reason, System100™ is the future of small business manufacturing ERP software, and BPM software.

In conclusion, don’t wait until another job needs RE-WORKED for an upset customer. Stop business frustrations, due to errors and miscommunications.

This is a MUST-SEE demo video for any small manufacturing business.

In fact, you will wonder why it took you so long to find our affordable feature-rich software!


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