System100™ – DocDesigner™

The DocDesigner™ is the most innovative tool available today for creating both static and interactive business forms and documents. DocDesigner has taken System100™ to the next level in business process management! In addition it is totally dynamic, with easy to customize solutions, which enables companies to go PAPERLESS. Our document designer gives companies the ability to systemize, organize and map all their internal processes by turning simple documents into interactive systems for managing a business in real time. Which enables admin users to build i.e. Customer Experience Mapping right into their business processes or ANY process they can imagine.

Documents can be created, edited, and managed from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. Yes, there are other online document builders, however nothing compares to the options and ease-of-use found in the DocDesigner™.

DocDesigner™ is the culmination of many years of our team, dreaming, planning, mapping, developing and debugging. In fact, we designed this tool to provide almost limitless possibilities for continual improvement of all Standard Operating Procedures, as well as ALL standard systems features found in System100™. For example, Request for Leave, Corrective Action, Repair Request, JobTraxx™ etc..

SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) Templates

Users now have a quick way to create/develop documents using our library of templates, which are common to most businesses, without having to start from scratch in most instances.

Create Your Owns Systems without a Programmer or Coder

Users have wanted the ability to create their own systems without having to pay for custom programming (i.e. Orientation System, Job Applicant Processing—or virtually anything one can dream up).

Share Documents in the Cloud

Users have the ability to share documents “in the Cloud” with a community of business owners and managers, who are also committed to the systematization of their businesses, via a written interactive Operations Manual. Therefore, if someone develops a great system or document, it can be shared with other System100™ clients, when given permission, by simply browsing our Brain-trust in the Cloud.

Document Management features of DocDesigner™

Auto Numbering – For ease of document management. Great for ISO companies and those who are committed to the building of an Operations Manual broken out by department.

Auto Document Management – When developing or editing a DocDesigner™ document from the administration side of the DocDesigner, a user can choose the document’s defaults (i.e. Department, Department Folder, Size, Type of Document, what Type of System it belongs to, and how users will interact with the document).

In addition, there’s an auto numbering feature which assigns specialized numbers using a criteria set by the user. For Example: S100-HR3025 Rev 09-24-2011 will be stored in the Document Management data base for easy search and retrieval. Which also, gives the user the ability to print out lists of documents by department. As a result of the features this makes DocDesigner a great tool for ISO and LEAN companies troubled with sustaining document management.

Document Building features of DocDesigner™

Text Boxes – With many editing options

Text Fields – For users of the documents; includes many editing options

—Lines – Option to size and to set colors

—Borders – Option to size and to set colors

—Graphics – Option to use System100’s library of business graphics, or use your own

—Drop-down Lists – Customizable

—Customer List  – Drop-down – Pulls from System100’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management)or can be custom-programmed to interact with other software

Employees List – Drop-down – Pulls from System100’s User Management system

Vendors List – —Drop-down – Pulls from System100’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

—Drop-down Lists of Equipment – Pulls from System100’s Equipment Inventory, which is also used in System100’s Preventive Maintenance and Repair Request systems

Radio Buttons – Customizable

—Date Fields – With option for Auto Date and User Select

—Linking – To other DocDesigner documents or other types of documents inside System100 (i.e. Word documents). This option is quick and easy, and gives each document the ability to be its own dashboard to other parts of the system.

Time Fields– Bring in current time for any document

—Attach Files – This gives the intended user the ability to attach another document or file, to a newly created document

Submit Button – This will submit a document to the system administrator

Signature Boxes – Used with Quality Control, Preventative Maintenance, Daily Routine Checklists and other types of control documents that require signatures before submitting to administration

NOTE—You can even design documents from your phone, if you so desired. We recommend that the smallest device be at least the size of an I-Pad. (unless, of course, your vision is on par with Superman)

DocDesigner™ — the ultimate document designing tool!