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continual improvement softwareContinual Improvement software is a solution NOT utilized in most businesses, unfortunately! Fact is, many small business owners believe this type of software is for “the big boys” only. Therefore, most of them don’t take continual improvement methods seriously. Consequently, many small business owners show a lack of discernment, by continually allowing stupid mistakes to recur; wreaking havoc in their businesses. Many owners have bought into the myth that mistakes/errors are “normal,” believing Continual Improvement Software would just put one more thing on their plate; therefore, they reject it.

The Continual Improvement Revolution Begins

Reading a book titled “The Emyth,” in which, the author gives a clear picture of systematic continual improvement in a small business, was a life-changing moment for our founder.  More importantly, the book describes what continual improvement in business LOOKS LIKE. As a result, the mission of implementing Continual Improvement methods in our founder’s business began. Consequently, this led him to write his own book, and to develop System100™ Continual Improvement software.

Continual Improvement Pioneer | Edward Deming

Edward Deming, a pioneer of the continual improvement revolution, was one of the motivating forces that launched the Japanese auto industry’s rush to quality, shortly after World War II. As a result, their continual improvement efforts in quality produced great automobiles that lasted. As a result, it forced the American auto industry to also consider and become part of the continual improvement quality revolution. Japan was gaining a larger market share on not only autos, but many manufactured products. Continual Improvement methods worked in Japan and it worked in America!

 Continual Improvement of Total Quality Works Everywhere

Implementing systems of continual improvement in his small business, our founder witnessed his own miracle take place. He sometimes refers to this life-changing experience as, “A Symphony of Order“. As a result, System100™ continual improvement software was born.

Continual Improvement Software | Solid Investment

Why spend years painfully bogged down in mundane daily operations?

WATCH OUR VIDEO, for an in-depth view of a continual improvement software that can change your life. More importantly, you will gain time to grow your business and spend time doing the things you love. A smart investment is one that makes money, not COSTS money. If any software does not return an investment, then it’s unnecessary.  Ask the Japanese, if their investment in continual improvement cost them, the next time you see many of their 20-year-old cars still on the road; not to mention, their reputation for producing great products.

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Continual Improvement Benefits

  • Business Value Increased
  • Management/Owners more Freedom
  • Quality Products
  • Errors Almost Eliminated
  • Customer Retention Drastically Increased
  • Employee Turnover Reduced
  • More peaceful work environment
  • Production much improved
  • Production and Service Cycle Much Improved
  • Peaceful Culture