System100™ – Document Change/Update System

Document Change-Update SystemSystem100™ Document Change-Update System spells the end of using outdated documents and forms in a company. For this reason, we proclaim our Automated Tracking and Control System for Changing/Updating documents is the next level in document management. However, this system is for the serious firms that regard their documents at vital to their business. In other word, not for the “loosey goosey” businesses.

The System100™ Document Change-Update System allows a user to Change/Update documents so everyone is using the latest revisions. Therefore, the moment of document revision, it’s instantly available to everyone in the organization.


End the Frustration of Document Disorganization

With this system in place, and our DocDesigner™ tool, everyone is part of document management. As a result, document revisions remain current and accessible. In addition, company documents not strewn all over the building and out-of-date. Equally important, it only takes seconds for a member to submit a change/update, notifying the administrator that a document or form needs updated.

Also, the system automatically generates an email and sends it directly to the document administrator. The administrator can evaluate the change/update request to determine if it’s a critical update, whereby they can make the update immediately. As a result, it’s available to everyone in the organization within seconds.


The Document Change-Update System is for Serious Operations

A great tool for ISO & LEAN companies troubled with sustaining their document management. In conclusion, we provide this system for those companies who insist on accountability from those who are the administrators of their Operations Manual. Therefore, noting is left to chance even when it comes to DOCUMENT REVISIONS.

Other Elements
• Auto Numbering
• Searchable by Assigned Number
• Keyword Searchable
• Other Referenced Document Number

Reports in Given Period
• Document Number Changed/Updated
• Person Requesting Change/Update