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systems-for-my-businessTo create systems for your business you should write down a list of events that cause you frustration and lost time in your company.

Michael Gerber said, “Every frustration in business is due to the lack of a SYSTEM”.

We can confirm this is true, due to the fact, we have over 25 years experience in implementing systems in ours and other businesses.

They work, it’s not a theory, but a proven fact that’s not up for debate! We have measured in order to PROVE that systems work. We have worked with businesses experiencing a five to seven percent waste ratio of their total earnings. After implementing quality control their waste decreased to one and a half percent. Now, that’s success at the speed of systems!


“Okay, you’ve convinced me!

systems-for-my-businessYou start to create systems in your business by finding your greatest frustration. Like an analogy of a boat with holes that is sinking, you want to stop the leak in the largest hole first. That’s where you start. Then you go to the next biggest hole, and so on; stopping the leaks in your “business boat”, one step at a time, one system at a time.

Edward Deming once said, “If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process then you don’t know what you’re doing!”

A Symphony of Order

Think of the “SYSTEM” for your business as a group of procedures, policies, control checklists, job descriptions, daily routines, etc., becoming a symphony of order. Then, imagine yourself as the “Lead Conductor”, keeping all these written documents we’ll call sub-systems, playing and operating to your baton.

When our founder, Philip Paul Beyer, first decided to go on the mission to systematize his business, a business that would operate and prosper even if he was not on premise, it took almost eight years. That’s where System100™ comes into play! We have done the leg-work, and have created business systems for businesses, that owners only have to tweak. It won’t take years. You can hit the ground running in a matter of months. We have created countless business systems via our “brain trust” of many business professionals.

DocDesigner™ a Feature that Changes Everything!

With our DocDesigner™ feature in System100™ you can build any online and interactive document you can imagine. Turn any of your existing static documents into online systems. There is nothing that can compare with System100™. We could write a book about the cutting-edge systems in System100™. In fact, we have! But, like the old adage says, “Seeing is believing!”

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