Leave Request & Approval System | System100™

Leave Request Leave Request and Leave Approval Systems keep everyone in the organization on the same page. Moreover, not everyone out at the same time!

Not only does System100™ feature a Leave Request Solution, but it also includes features for many HR-Human Resource systems needed to manage a business systematically.

See all Leave Approvals on Company Calendar!

As you know, most software allows very few options for making changes without requesting enhancements from the developer. For this reason, we developed the DocDesigner™ feature in System100™. Whereby, we provide document templates for easy set-up of many Interactive Online Systems, i.e. Employee Orientation systems, Employee Evaluation System, Applicant Interview Systems, Corrective Action System, and many of System100™ features.

Build Customized Business Systems Fast!

In fact with the DocDesigner™ feature in System100™ you can custom design unlimited systems. Turn your current manual systems, those paper documents, into online systems that are track-able. Systematize your business with ease. See and believe!

TIP: Having a Leave Request system in place, assures management has the needed staff for that “big job” when the time comes. When everyone in the organization can see-at-a-glance, who will be out on certain days or weeks, it makes scheduling a project much more effective. Avoid miscommunication by having all leave request approved by management.

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