System100 Mission

We are in business for, and the purpose of the System100 mission is . . .

• To provide our customers with unique, affordable tools and expert information that will assist them in transforming their businesses from “ordinary” to extraordinary — through a systematic approach.

• To simplify otherwise complex business systems, language and processes for small-to-large businesses and organizations, that they might achieve and sustain lean practices, team cooperation, and maximum efficiency.

In order to assure our clients the best in customer service, Ebiz Products employs only service-minded and well-trained personnel. This assurance will be witnessed in every phase of our business with an emphasis on excellence, prompt service, courtesy, honesty—a genuine concern for our clients, and a Quality and Service Control System to meet or exceed their and our expectations.

Through these commitments, we build our futures, to the benefit of all concerned.

— The Staff of Ebiz Products, LLC