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System100 Testimonials What Others Say“SYSTEM100 JUST ATE ANOTHER OF MY COMPETITORS!”
It was just another day at our restoration company when we got a call about a water damage job at a condo. We ran the job using System100, just like we always do, but today was different, because the job we were doing was right beside another condo, where a competitor was doing the cleanup. We arrived at the same time, and we left the job at the same time that evening. But there was one huge difference—as I said, WE were using System100 and the other guys were “winging it”.

The next day when we arrived at the job, we found out that the condo owners were best friends that hung out together every day. So when the friend next door came over and saw what we had done, compared to what our competitor had done, the questions began to fly.

“Who is your insurance company?” Funny thing was, they had the same insurance company. So, the next question was, “Why did you get so much more from your restoration company than I did? They covered all your contents with plastic… they labeled your baseboards and pulled the nails… they put down plastic on your hardwood floors… they shrink-wrapped and bubble-wrapped your hard furniture. I didn’t get any of that!”

There were literally hundreds of things that they didn’t make mention of that we did, that just made the job go smooth. The condo owners had different insurance agents and they both called their agents. They were both talking about the same thing—how much care was taken on the condo that our company was taking care of. Winners don’t win by chance, or by winging it!

With so many hands in the mix on a water damage job, and so many things that have to be considered, there is no way to remember it all! My competitor did a good job, but in these times ‘good’ gets left behind. System100 gave us the advantage that we needed to eat our competition!

And do you know the best thing? Nobody could ever convince that other agent, or those two friends, that we are all the same.

…KENT RIDDLE, President, ServiceMaster Total Restoration, Henderson, TN



“Philip’s systems are very practical and will make any business successful. Any business leaders should read his book. It not only shows you what to do, but how to do it, using actual examples as proof it works!”

…DAVE RAMSEY, Fox News Contributor / NY Times Best Selling Author, Total Money Makeover, Nashville TN


Years ago I started a restoration business using my sales and marketing ability. I’m a very driven person, so I worked tirelessly and it grew very rapidly. Before I knew it, I was working seven days a week, night and day, and still, no matter how hard I worked, balls I once could catch were falling everywhere. When I was at the one million dollar mark, I could catch most things and those that I couldn’t catch still worked for a while. However when it grew to over twice that size, it became impossible to keep up with it all.

What did System100 do for my business? It gave me control back! I don’t dread coming into work anymore. With the systems in place I found the fires can’t live without a source.

Have you ever met the guy who has the worst job in the world? That used to be me! I used to go to work, stay way into the evening, but didn’t feel like anything got done. There’s almost no worse feeling than putting all you have into something, starting it from scratch and building it, only to watch it slowly crumble before your eyes. And it seemed there was nothing I could do to stop the bleeding—it was like an out-of-control train. Hopeless, coming to work every day just to put out the next series of fires! I handled all the crisis situations, and all the angry customers. I was the first in and the last to leave; no holidays. My phone stayed in my ear from dusk to dawn, making decisions that were other people’s jobs; that I was paying them to do.

What did System 100 do for my business? It divided the responsibilities! It empowered people to succeed at their job. People who work for me began to have confidence in themselves, and morale shot through the roof. I watched people that would never step up and take the bull by the horns, look me straight in the eyes and say “I got this.” Now that feels good!!

I believe everybody who has built a business wants it to be a good place to work; they just don’t know how to tie it all together. System100 takes the gray area, wads it up and throws it in the trash.

System100 is without question a GOD-SEND to my business! I would recommend it to every one, except my competition.

…KENT RIDDLE ,President, ServiceMaster Total Restoration, Henderson, TN


I just read WhatTheyThink.com today and saw that System100 was one of the 2009 InterTech Award winners. I have followed these for years and this is really significant. I hope it really helps to move your vision forward. I truly think that what you are offering the industry is going to help everyone that listens. Congratulations on the Award!

…DR. JOHN LEININGER, Senior Lecturer, Clemson University Graphic Communication Department, Clemson SC


“System100™ is a great product, as it represents a new force in its market, pushing the envelope of innovation in business process management, and providing its customers with an effective way to manage their organizations.”

…IGOR I. GES, STEPHEN PASSIAK, CHRISTOPHER MONTES-SABINO, Marketing, Vanderbilt University Business School


“System100 has made us more organized, not only in getting the work area clean and neat, but making sure all employees have the tools available for their job; a place for everything and everything in its place. It has also made us realize how necessary it is to get our policy manuals, insurance policies and all other important paperwork easily accessible and all in one place. System100 has helped us to monitor and manage employees’ time off. System100, most of all, has helped us take control of quality issues.”

…HENRY GOLCZYNSKI, President, Franklin’s Printing, Murfreesboro TN


“System 100 has improved our quality and reduced order-entry errors significantly. The checklists employees fill out at each step in the process insure that essential things don’t get skipped. We are only using a portion of the functions available in System 100 and it has still been well worth the investment! We look forward to continuing to implement additional functions and expect we will become even more efficient and organized.”

…MIKE GEYGAN, President, Minuteman Press, Lebanon OH


“We have been the owner/operators of Classic Impressions in Marietta, Georgia, since 1991…and we have been a System100 customer since November 2006. We are very happy with System100 and the support team. If we need them—they are there. System100 helps us stay organized, communicate much better; and insures better quality to our customers. The thing we like the most is, it is dependable, easy to understand/use, and it helps run our business with greater efficiency. We are always trying to improve, and the tools in System100 help us do that. I personally believe that, with System100, any size print shop or plant would benefit.”

…BILL BUCKLER, Owner, Classic Impressions, Marietta GA


“We have been a System100 customer since November of 2008. It is a practical and easy to understand program with a great assortment of tools to help us gain control of operations and build in much greater efficiencies…tools we didn’t find in our MIS program…an excellent tool for empowering everyone in a company to help find problems and solve them. Now that we have the System Buster tool, we wouldn’t want to operate without it. It helps us eliminate our biggest headaches; repeated problems of the same nature. Although nothing can prevent all human error, System100 is a large leap forward.”

…CHAD HERMAN, VP-Operations, Graphics2, Fort Worth, TX


“The judges were impressed by how this technology acts as a “brain trust” for all the technical aspects of a business, whereas other solutions focus on sales information and how to manage it. System100 builds on the skills and capabilities of the technical staff within the company so their expertise and knowledge does not leave the company whenever they do.”

…From Graphic Arts Monthly special Award Edition article, October 2009