System100™ Suggestions for Improvement

System100™ Suggestions for ImprovementThe System100™ Suggestions for Improvement feature is a communications system. Whereby, everyone in the organization has a quick and easy-to-use tool that allows them to get involved by submitting their ideas directly to management. Suggestions from employees are a powerful tool in a company’s mission of continual improvement!


The Old Wooden Suggestion Box is Gone

No more looking in a Suggestion Box to see if anyone submitted suggestions! Actually, the old suggestion box system rarely worked, due to the fact that it took too much effort. Truth is, most employees, even with the best ideas, would rarely submit them in a box, because they were unsure they would be read, much less taken seriously!

Wise owners welcome suggestions from their employees, and they consider them valuable to establishing teamwork!

It takes about 30 seconds to submit a suggestion, using our online Suggestions for Improvement System. This automatically generates an email and sends it directly to the administrator of the Suggestion System. As a result, the system stores all suggestions in the Suggestion Admin; whereby, they will be reviewed and responded to in a timely manner.


Quick, Easy and Efficient is Why This System Works

More importantly, all approved suggestions will be added by management to the System100™ Task System for implementation so  suggestions are not lost or forgotten.

As a result, managing the Suggestions for Improvement System correctly communicates to employees that their ideas are important. Furthermore, an employee who takes an interest in the company’s improvement, shows the owner they have taken some ownership. That’s valuable to building a great team!

Furthermore, having a tool like a simple Suggestion for Improvement System can reduce many types of waste? With this in mind, you might read the following blog, called Nine Types of Waste.


Other Elements
• Auto numbering
• Report on Users Submitting Suggestions


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