System100™ Inventory-Requisition System

Inventory-Requisition SystemThe System100™ Inventory-Requisition System is a valuable, time-saving tool. Whereby, it allows users to send requisitions (request for supplies) to the person ordering supplies, i.e. a Purchasing Agent. In addition, Administrators also have a view-able and printable list of all materials used, and a list of all company assets.


How the Inventory–Requisition System Works

Located on a department’s Menu Bar is an Inventory Icon, which opens a list of supplies by category, used in that department.

A user in that department simply clicks on the Inventory Icon, and then chooses the category for the needed item. An Items List opens and the user selects the item; types in the quantity and clicks submit.

The requisition system generates and sends an email to the purchasing person, with the item’s detailed specifications. In addition, the system also stores the information into the System100™ database. The purchasing person can use the email for ordering immediately, or later, by opening the Inventory Administration section to see a list of all material requested for any given period.


Now That’s Fast and That’s Efficient!

No more causing the purchasing person to search all over the building, trying to locate the correct specifications, so they can make the purchase. So they tell the closest person around, to quickly go find the old box with the specs so they can place the order.

No more LOST requisitions, or verbal requests to management for supplies!

For example, how many times have you heard something like this, “I told Bob I needed a No. 5 Widget. However, Bob forgot! Therefore, production can’t proceed with the customer’s order.”

How many times has your purchasing person failed to receive, or said they didn’t receive, a requisition for a supply from someone in production. For the simple reason, a supervisor forgot.

With our requisition feature, you empower every member of your organization to order (not purchase) their own supplies.


Other Elements

  • Unlimited inventory categories for organization to departments
  • Attach a photo to each item’s data
  • Unlimited custom fields for items. Make view-able to management only. This great for inventorying software, where you want to keep licensee codes private
  • Printable list of inventories
  • Tracks Order History, so a user can see the last time they ordered a supply