Philip Paul Beyer – Bio

philip paul beyerPhilip Paul Beyer is founder & president Ebiz Products LLC and former founder/president of Beyer Printing Inc., in Nashville, Tennessee. Beyer is a long-time business systems specialist. He is a recipient of an InterTech Technology Award from Printing Industries of America for the design and development of System100™ business process management software. In addition, since 2011, he has been a regular contributor to the PI World online magazine column called Systemic Success.

Beyer’s popular business book, System Busters: How to Stop Them In Your Business, is available in Kindle and Audio versions. His book has become a much-used desk item for serious-minded business owners and managers. Especially those seeking organization and Lean sustainable management via systems. In addition, those and who practice continuous improvement in their operations.

Philip Paul Beyer is a Louisiana Boy

Beyer is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He established a commercial printing company in 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee. Consequently, five years later, finding his business steeped in chaos, Beyer set out on a dozen-year journey to totally systematize every facet of his operation. In the process, using his company as a prototype, he then developed unique, easy-to-use, integrated systems. As a result, many and varied other businesses around the country use these systems.

Philip Paul Beyer is an outspoken advocate for small business owners. As a result, his mission now is to help other owners and managers bring their businesses to sustainable order through written systems. Which, will enable business owners to reach their maximum potential through lean and error-free systematization. Beyer’s goal for his clients is, that their business will operate and prosper without the owner’s onsite presence. Beyer’s says, “We organize businesses by removing frustrations, one system at a time”.

Also involved in various administrative and production aspects of the business, are Beyer’s wife Susan, and his three sons Paul, Barton and Brandon.