System100™ – JobTraxx

Our JobTraxx system was designed for tracking jobs and projects with ease of use and to be totally customizable for any type of business desiring to track jobs, projects or work orders, from start to finish, whether in the field or inside your facility.

JobTraxx features a Master Quality and Service Control System for tracking all documents related to a particular job or project—i.e. quality control checklists, customer-signed documents, or any document pertaining to a job/project. As various related documents are used and submitted, they are auto-linked to a JobTraxx’s job for easy access and tracking.

JobTraxx can schedule people to a job, where management sees everyone’s location. Even after a job closes you will still have a record of who worked on the job and how long a person spent on the job.

Do you ever misplace equipment? JobTraxx can schedule and track equipment, whereby management can see at a glance the current location or its last location.

JobTraxx features a Photo section where you can take pictures on your phone or tablet and upload them quickly into JobTraxx. Anyone, anywhere, with permission, has instant access to all photos.

JobTraxx features a Job Materials section where you can add job related purchase orders, or miscellaneous job receipts. Now you can track material cost on any job, instantly.

JobTraxx also integrates directly into our TimeTraxx system, which will give your labor cost on any job/project with a click of a button.

With the click of a button you can see the cost of your materials and get a full labor report for any job.

You may have a software that tracks your jobs or projects—but it probably isn’t a Quality Control tracker, like JobTraxx!

Entering a job into JobTraxx only takes minutes—JobTraxx integrates with our unique DocDesigner to setup an infinite amount of customizable Job Ticket Types, Projects or Work Orders—i.e. New Job Data Entry Checklist, Carpet Cleaning Job Tickets, Printing Job Ticket, Water Restoration Job Ticket with Initial Claim Checklist, Project Job Tickets with a Data Entry Checklist, Cabinet Building Work Order with QC Entry Checklist—you name it!

As you can see, the sky is the limit! No matter the industry or profession, JobTraxx, in concert with DocDesigner, makes tracking your jobs or projects easy!

Everyone can see at a glance, all jobs or projects in progress. You can color-code jobs or projects in process for easy locating, if you have a long list of jobs/projects. Example: Normal turnaround jobs can be in black; Rush jobs can appear in red; etc.

Printing updated lists of in-progress jobs or projects only takes seconds!
If you work from home, and you want to see what’s in production: Just log-in System100™ and click on JobTraxx. It’s that easy! It’s all ONLINE—and it’s in the CLOUD. If you’re traveling—you can check the production schedule from your hotel (but, please resist this temptation if you’re on vacation with the kids!


How it Works? — You’re going to LOVE this!

JobTraxx also integrates with our System100™ Calendar, so when you start a new job it will automatically post the job or project on the calendar for easy tracking—by month, week or day. This allows everyone in the company to see what jobs are in-progress, or on the schedule to be processed. In fact, if you use our Scoreboard system, everyone in the company can see all jobs/projects on a large TV screen. You no longer need to post jobs on a White Board and Excel sheet.

As a job moves through production, each user working on the job has the ability to change the location or workstation, to the next location or workstation that will be processing the job. This keeps JobTraxx jobs or projects location in the process chain, updated in REAL TIME. If a customer calls to check on their job or project and you’re not sure of its location in the process chain—simply open JobTraxx, type in the customer name, job name or job number, and within a couple of seconds you know exactly where the job is located. No more looking all over the shop or production floor for a job ticket, or calling and interrupting production staff.


Other Elements

  • Sort and print a list of jobs or projects in process, in various scenarios and distribute to production personnel; whereby, they can check off, as completed, all jobs assigned to them that day.
  • Auto-numbering
  • Searchable by Assigned Number
  • Searchable by Keyword
  • Equipment location
  • People location
  • Labor Cost on Individual
  • Labor Cost Total on Job
  • Material Cost on Job
  • Photo Tracking
  • Purchase Order and Receipt Tracking on Job Related Materials

Reports in a Given Period

  • By Job Name or Number
  • By Job Ticket Type
  • By Employee