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small business management softwaresmall business managmenet software system100System100™ Software is the future of small business management software. Today’s business management software combines and/or integrates several type business solutions. For example; Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Contact Management (CRM), Quality Control (QC), Inventory Management, Human Resource, Service & Job management, and Waste Tracking, etc. In fact, there are endless features business professionals are seeking to integrate, to reduce double entry of data.  Therefore, streamlining processes into one solution.

For this reason, System100™ software incorporated features of other type software as mentioned, i.e. MIS, ERP, CRM, CAPA, and HR etc. As a result, we offer a powerful suite of very affordable features, for small business. In fact, we designed a unique feature that allows administrative users to design CUSTOM features, without need of a programmer. This is the future of software! A turnkey solution.


System100™ Has Its Brain in the Cloud

By being cloud based, (SAAS) software as a service, it eliminates the process of downloading software to a company’s onsite computers. Therefore, companies using System100™ Software, save money by not having to buy additional equipment to operate and manage software updates.

In addition, System100™ is multi-device ready. Therefore, accessed on desktops, tablets and smart phones. Employees are more efficient having total access to System100™ tools while out in the field, servicing customers, or located inside the company’s facility


Do You Have Business Frustrations Causing Sleepless Nights?

Organize your business implementing one system at a time.  With this method, you can eliminate business frustration one at a time installing a system to resolve each frustration. As a result, you will have time to grow an extraordinary business without the frustration distractions. In addition, you will continually see new ways to improve efficiency and profits. Simply stated, this is called continual improvement. It’s how you go from good to great.


System100 Software Communication Tools

System100™ Software creates a more efficient workplace for all by providing communication tools for everyone in the office and out in the field. Our Field Management Software provides your technicians with the tool to become more efficient. Also, by giving them opportunity to update each job as it progresses though production. In addition, our project tracking software will also update you on the jobs in progress and help you direct employees to their next assignment.


Small Business Management Software Integrated Tools

System100 Software can provide your business with solutions to eliminate waste and increase profits. In addition, we will provide your business with tools to effectively manage appointments, set up and tracking of jobs, materials and equipment tracking, itinerary routing, and employee training.

  • Appointment Set-up and time tracking software features, help  business provide the best, in customer service. Due to, keeping your client’s appointments and services organized.
  • Requisition of Stocked Materials and reordering. Also, cuts down on over-stocking and waste. Therefore, improves efficiency by insuring consumable materials at-the-ready when you need it.
  • Employee training software features provide, employment manuals, training and continued education information for all employees connected to the software.


Customize System100™ to Mirror Your Business

System100™ will supply your business with the software tools needed to run an efficient and productive business. If you need additional features, it may be possible to add them to System100™ to help improve your experience with the software. Our programmer can customize and build any feature to fit your needs. We are here to ensure your success! However, don’t forget we have the “build your own system” feature that doesn’t require programmers.

Don’t let the competition beat you with better service and quality. System100™ Small Business Management Software can lift your company from good to great!

System100™ fill the roll as a Field Service Management Software and a Job Shop Management Software.